올리고 5일이 지나도 등록이 안되길래 실패한줄 알았더니… 올라왔네요 아이고 좋아라 >ㅅ<

자 남은 건 여러분의 도움뿐! 점수좀 줍쇼~ 굽신굽신.

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My 10k entry has been accepted to 10k gallery!
Click here and check it out. :D

"Ink 10k" looks like simple painting application. But it draws "TEXT" whereas ordiniry applications draw just line or curve.
All text you draw is coming from Twitter. Yeah! It uses Twitter search API and dynamically grabs messages.
It recongnizes pressure of pen, if you use a pen tablet as well.
And also it has a undo/redo functionality by pushing 'Ctrl+Z' or 'Ctrl+Y'.

Here's my paint.

I know, I'm horrible at painting ;~>
Why don't you try better one?

Posted by gongdo