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  1. 2007.12.20 메리 실버라이트 캐롤~ 으하하핫 (6)

초대박! 이놔 이 사람들 뭐야;;;




특히 이 아저씨가 압권!

가사 받아 적은 건데요 가사도 웃겨요 ㅋㅋㅋ

Silverlight, Silverlight
Susie is calm
Rich is bright
View rich media
On any website
Stream in video
Quickly and bright
Delivering for the next generation
Of interactive application

Silverlight, Silverlight
Line by line
Code we write
See our programing
Skill set is tight
Ensuring a great
Customer experience site
Bring me some calm and peace
Susie needs calm and peace

Silverlight, Silverlight
Glories stream
From creative minds
Pushing the bar
To towering heights
Rest assured
Linsey managese it right
Account managers
Bring calm and peace
Always bring calm and peace

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